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Bowman standards recertification has a
1-week turnaround – best in the industry and available now.

Starting a new plating line? Bowman quality standards prevent under and over-plating. Here’s where you’ll find single element, multiple layer, alloys – every standard for every XRF application … and every XRF instrument.








Solder bump analysis is the hottest topic in IC. Bowman’s new Bulletin #15 details a study demonstrating the efficacy of Bowman systems for quickly determining the composition of solder balls on IC interconnects.

Plating Bath Analysis used to be complicated, when the only options were titration, atomic absorption spectroscopy, and Inductively Coupled Plasma. No longer. High-accuracy results are now achievable with Bowman XRF techniques. Bulletin #16 describes how.

Demand for thick electroless nickel continues to grow. Bulletin 1.1 documents why Bowman XRF instruments are the industry’s best and highest-reliability option for determining the thickness and composition of these deposits.

Plating on plastics demands precise measurement of both base metal and top coating. There’s excellent info in Bulletin #17.





This landmark XRF software, released last spring, immediately improves the speed, accuracy and flexibility of XRF testing. And now, it has several notable new capabilities:

Tableview (L Series): Get a bird’s eye view of the entire measurable table area for fast positioning when moving between parts: click on the part, and the stage moves to it!




Parts program: set one XYZ program to measure different plating applications on the same (or different) parts. No need to manually switch applications!

Compare historical data and aggregate statistical data across multiple sessions.

New circular/radial XYZ programs are ideal for 3D surface mapping to analyze wafer uniformity.



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