Bowman Briefs - 8 XRF PROBLEMS

A short web demo shows how we
solved each one, with:

  1. The shortest test times - (less than 5 seconds!)
  2. The lowest baseline noise
  3. Highest counts detection - (2 million+ counts per second)
  4. Highest resolution
  5. Lowest detection limits
  6. Widest element range - Al 13 to U 92 (and unique ability to measure %Phos!)
  7. Greatest stability (thanks to Peltier cooling)
  8. Best overall design - including SDD silicon drift detectors for industry’s
    most precise coating thickness measurement and elemental analysis)
Let’s see That Demo >

New from Bowman:


A Series from Bowman


The A Series Micro XRF precisely measures the smallest X-ray features in semiconductors and microelectronics. It accommodates very large PCB panels and wafers of any size, for full sample coverage and multi-point programmable automation. Poly-capillary optics focus the X-ray beam to 7.5 µm FWHM, the world’s smallest for XRF coating thickness analysis! Cleanroom-ready, with the largest semiconductor stage movement on the market.

Learn More about the A Series

Augmented Reality makes choosing an XRF easier than ever! Compare the sizes of XRF instruments and stages. See how different-sized samples fit onto each. Watch a quick software demo on the same platform.

If you’re attending SUR-FIN June 7-9, or plan to visit the Chicago area soon, add Bowman to your schedule for an eye-opening - and cost-saving - experience in virtual reality!

  VR Bowman
VR Bowman

60-Second Solution Analysis

Solution Analysis

The 8 XRFs in the Bowman Suite XRF measure all 3 metrics critical to high quality plating: solution concentrations, deposit thickness and sample composition. Bowman offers an easy, accurate method for analyzing metals in solutions directly and in-house, with existing personnel. Results are obtained in a minute or less, and concentrations can be measured down to 100ppm (often lower!)

Learn More about the A Series

Brett Algrim has joined the Bowman Headquarters Team as our newest Standards Lab Technician/Applications Engineer.


Brett brings specialized skills in laboratory management and techniques, gas chromatography, IR spectroscopy, and HPLC as well as statistics. He has a B.A from Iowa State University and Masters level education in organic chemistry.

  Brett Algrim Photo  
Brett Algrim Photo

Web Demos are a great way for you or your department to watch Bowman XRFs in action, from your facility. Tell us a few things about your requirements, and we’ll customize the content to your samples, production rate and test environment. I Need Details



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