Bowman Briefs - Considering the purchase of a new XRF system? Bowman now uses SDD detectors exclusively on new XRFs. SDDs offer the highest resolution, lowest base level noise, shortest test times, and greatest stability. They also measure light elements, including P and Al. Silicon Drift Detectors offer huge advantages compared to old prop cunters!

Webinars are the easiest, quickest way to see Bowman XRF technology in action from the comfort of your office! Answer a few questions and we'll customize the content to your sample mix, throughput and lab environment.

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Michigan NASF's meeting March 12 featured Brian Judge, our Midwest Technical Sales & Support Engineer. His talk explored XRF Capabilities, Limitations and Considerations. If you were unable to attend, let us know. The content is a great overview of XRF that will be useful to your quality and operations departments.

Bowmans New Headquarters

Our new global headquarters opens this fall! Bowman will formally open a new headquarters facility in Schaumburg - near our current offices - on September 1. The 20,000 sq.ft. facility will house corporate offices, manufacturing and product development. Bowman's growing prominence among OEMs and contract shops is a great source of pride - and a major reason for our expansion!

  Congratulations to 2 talented and highly skilled Bowman professionals:  

Vicky Huang has done exemplary work with applications studies,creating pristine data reports to support sales; she has also been central to new product development efforts, and works with the Engineering and Production teams to ensure that systems pass final QC checks and are shipped with any special requirements.

Her dedication has earned her a promotion to Applications Supervisor, where she will also oversee the work of Bowman's two new Applications Engineers.


Martina Koleva joined Bowman in 2016 to assist Caryl with purchasing and production tasks, process orders, update our SF and Odoo systems, and help with invoicing.

She has now been promoted to Operations Coordinator. In her new position, she's a key point of contact for customers - entering, acknowledging and following-up on orders, and preparing invoices at the time of shipment.


Two new Bowman hires are Emilio Ramirez and Christian Duta. Emilio is a recent graduate in Applied Physics from Northern Illinois University who also studied Materials Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His primary areas of expertise are physical mechanics, materials science, and numerical analysis. Christian Duta joined Bowman as a Logistics Specialist. He is responsible for transactions in the shipping and receiving areas, handles freight quote requests, ensures transportation-related tasks are completed and recorded, and handles information requests from customs brokers.


Bowman's solution analysis kit answers a question we often hear:
"What's the best easiest way to do solution analysis?"


Available worldwide, it is the fastest, least expensive way for shops to test plating baths. It's highly accurate, and does not require sample prep or special skills. Global Product Manager Zach Dismukes produced a short video that's a good training tool.

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Bowmans fully automated wafer and panel handling system


Bowman's fully automated wafer and panel handling system is the first of its kind. Engineered for the semiconductor industry, where Bowman XRFs have become a leading choice for high-precision measurement, it's ISO clean room-ready, with multiple load ports for FOUPs or full panel PCBs, and robotic sample handling. The XRF tool has a programmable stage and 7.5 micro meter spot size.

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If you attended a trade show recently, you may have seen a demonstration of advanced XRF measurement technology using AR/VR. The augmented reality demo at our exhibit was a joint development between Bowman and Zinnotech (Austin, TX, USA.) It allowed users to compare the features of Bowman's 7 XRF systems.

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