Data Management

Data Management for Bowman benchtop XRFs is precisely what customers asked for. They wanted systems that were intuitive and straightforward –software that was smart and powerful, that anyone could learn and use quickly.

Language barriers? Entry-level operators? The answer is built-in features that anticipate, guide, automatically save the work, and produce reports just as easily.

We love to compare our XRF software against our competition. Their software is foreign and cumbersome; one customer who uses both ours and theirs jokingly suggested that the main purpose of the European software design seems to be to increase reliance on tech support – at significant expense.

We think this is wrong on both counts. First, software should be intuitive – not complicated. And second, when tech support is truly needed, customers should not be charged for it. Bowman doesn’t charge for it, and that’s part of why our software gets rave reviews. And why this year Bowman will be North America’s best-selling benchtop XRF brand.

Data Management Step 1

Here’s how it works:

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Data Management Step 2

  1. Operator clicks “New Data Session” and the pop-up window appears. These are the “Trace Fields” that are totally customizable based on customer & report requirements. It has auto-fill; tab through each field or use a bar code to automatically populate each field.
Data Management Step 3

  1. Clicking the “Results” tab opens a window showing all previous measured sessions. Everything is time and date stamped.
Data Management Step 4

  1. Click “Search” to choose any trace field and assign a value (such as Job # or Lot # which is typically unique) Click“Filter” to brings up only that session for the existing data.
Data Management Step 5

  1. Click the Printer icon next to New Data Session to automatically generate a report (also customizable).
    There is an option to automatically print report with 1-click, or the system will produce a Print Preview screen which can be exported to any format for archiving.

“It doesn’t get any easier than this!”

  • All data is automatically saved and protected with multiple password levels.
  • The standard built-in software platform can be customized. Its preprogrammed template exports data into tables, and does statistical calculations; an available Excel package provides additional customization.

Best of all: you can do it yourself, or we’ll help you get to where you want to be.

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