Precision XRF Coating Measurement for Every Industrial and Research Use

The Bowman XRF System is a precision desktop instrument for coating thickness measurement. Proprietary detection technology and advanced software allows our systems to also determine the elements present in the sample. Our XRF instruments simultaneously measure up to five coating layers, all of which can be alloys, and can measure HEAs (high entropy coatings) as well.

Bowman XRF systems use a specially engineered micro spot focus x-ray tube as the energy source, a temperature-stabilized silicon PIN diode as the detector and a wide bandwidth, multichannel amplifier to sort and count the radiated photons. Bowman Xralizer software employs unique algorithms to measure the thickness of the materials from the detected photons.

A micro focus video camera, aligned with the x-ray optics axis, selects the area on the sample to be measured. An elevator controlled by a focus laser accommodates measurement samples of varying heights.

The Bowman XRF coating measurement system meets industry’s most stringent requirements for precision, reliability and ease of use. A compact, ergonomic design makes analysis convenient for every application—at a price guaranteed to produce a fast ROI.


Four Sample Stage Options

Fixed Base

Extended Programmable
XY Base

XY Base

Maximum Travel Extended
XY Base

Configurations for Every Measurement Need

  • G Series transition metals analysis for the jewelry industry
  • B Series for small electroplated samples
  • P Series “multi-tasker” for electronics, general finishing, precious metals
  • O Series large thin film analyzer
  • M Series small thin film analyzer with µ-spot poly capillary optics
  • L Series for large electroplated samples
  • W Series for measuring the smallest features in microelectronics


Smart design, powerful analysis
  • Fast non-destructive analysis within seconds
  • Simultaneous composition analysis of up to 25 elements
  • Measure up to five coating layers simultaneously, all of which can be alloys
  • Fundamental Parameters (FP)-driven standard-less thickness and composition analysis
  • Easy setup and operation-one USB cable connection
  • Simple front panel controls
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
Intuitive user interface
  • Designed to maximize flexibility and minimize user errors
  • .Net framework-based Xralizer software
  • Intuitive icon-driven graphical interface
  • Powerful qualitative analysis
  • Standard library with automatic recertification reminder
  • Customizable shortcut keys for quick analysis
  • Flexible data display and output
  • Powerful report generator
Performance, power, convenience
  • Close-coupled geometric design for increased power efficiency and precision
  • Field-proven, solid-state detector provides greater resolution, stability and sensitivity
  • Fast warm-up time and longer x-ray tube filament life
  • L line Thin Film analysis for Ag, Sn
  • Multiple primary filters and collimators for versatility
  • Variable focal depths for complex sample shapes and thicker layer analysis
  • Modular component design for easy maintenance


What do you want to achieve?

Greater accuracy? Faster throughput? More flexibility in sample size – or output?
Whatever your goals, a Bowman on-site consultation can provide short and long-term options – and best-possible ROI.

Let’s talk.