The W Series Micro XRF uses poly-capillary optics to focus the X-ray beam to 7.5 µm FWHM, the world’s smallest beam size for coating thickness analysis using XRF technology. This makes it ideal for measuring samples such as BGAs and smaller solder bumps. A 140X magnification camera is used to measure features on that scale; it is accompanied by a secondary, low-magnification camera for live-viewing samples and birds-eye macro-view imaging. Bowman’s dual-camera system lets operators see the entire part, click the image to zoom with the high-mag camera, and pinpoint the feature to be programmed and measured.

A programmable X-Y stage precise to less than +/- 1 µm for each axis is used to select and measure multiple points; Bowman pattern recognition software and auto-focus features also do this automatically. The system's 3D mapping capability can be used to view the topography of a coating on a part such as a silicon wafer.

The standard configuration of W Series instruments includes 7.5 µm optics with molybdenum anode tube (chromium and tungsten are optional) and a high-resolution, large-window Silicon Drift Detector which processes more than 2 million counts per second.

The W Series Micro XRF is the 7th model in Bowman's XRF instrument suite. Like others in the portfolio, it simultaneously measures up to 5 coating layers and runs advanced Archer software to quantify coating thickness from the detected photons. Archer software combines intuitive visual controls with time-saving shortcuts, extensive search capability, and “one-click” reporting. The software also simplifies user creation of new applications.

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            The W Series Micro XRF is most ideal for companies with:

            • The need to test wafers, lead frames, PCBs
            • Requirements to quickly test multiple samples or locations
            • Desire to automate measurement on multiple samples
            • The need to comply with IPC-4552, 4553, 4554 and 4556
            • ASTM B568 and ISO 3497
            • The desire to upgrade an old XRF's performance and efficiency – and get a generous trade-in bonus!

            Product Specifications

            X-ray Excitation: 50 W Mo target Flex-Beam Capillary Optics @7.5 FWHM at 17 KeV
            Optional: Cr or W
            Detector: Large window Silicon drifted detector with 135eV resolution or better
            Output Focal Depth: Fixed at 0.08″ (2.03mm)
            Working Environment: 68°F (20°C) to 77°F (25°C) and up to 98% RH, non-condensing
            Weight: 190kg (420lbs)
            Programmable XYZ: XYZ travel: 300mm (11.8″) x 400mm (15.7″) x 88.9mm (3.5″)
            XY tabletop: 305mm (12″) x 406mm (16″)
            X-axis accuracy: 2.5um (100u”); X-axis precision: 1um (40u”)
            Y-axis accuracy: 3um (120u”) ; Y-axis precision: 1um (40u”)
            Z-axis accuracy: 1.25um (50u”) ; Z-axis precision: 1um (40u”)
            Element Range: Aluminum 13 to Uranium 92
            Analysis Layers and Elements: 5 layers (4 layers + base) and 10 elements in each layer.
            Composition analysis of up to 25 elements simultaneously
            Primary Filters: 4 primary filters
            Digital Pulse Processing: 4096 CH digital multi-channel analyser with flexible shaping time. Automatic signal processing including dead time correction and escape peak correction
            Processor: Intel, CORE i5 3470 (3.2GHz), 8GB DDR3 Memory,
            Microsoft Windows 10 Prof, 64bit equivalent
            Camera Optics: 1/4″ (6mm) CMOS-1280×720 VGA resolution
            Video Magnification: 140X Micro, 7X digital Zoom, 9X Macro & Table View
            Power Supply: 150W, 100~240 volts; frequency range 47Hz to 63Hz
            Dimensions (H x W x D ): Internal: 100mm (4″) x 914mm (36″) x 735mm (29″)
            External: 787mm (31″) x 940mm (37″) x 990mm (39″)
            Other New Features: Z axis crash protection array
            Auto focus and focus laser
            Pattern recognition
            Advanced custom data transfer

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