Bowman Innovation Sets the Stage for Faster, More Agile QA Throughput

September, 2018 – Bowman, the premier manufacturer of world class, American-Made XRF measurement instruments, has introduced an extra-long, extended stage option for its XRF plating thickness instruments that are primarily used in the semiconductor / wafer manufacturing industry.

In this sector, circuit density, trace spacing, board gauge, aspect ratios and microvias dominate, and demand is strong for a way to measure more and smaller test points.

In some high-volume operations, rigid / flex boards can be as large as 610x530mm, and while it is impractical to cover that surface area in one pass, the Bowman extended stage option allows the task to be accomplished with just a single, quick re-positioning step.

The Bowman extended stage option had its genesis with two long-term PCB customers, independent of each other, who requested a 400x300mm (16×12”) table stock with a tabletop size of 800x600mm (32×24”).

A longer stroke potential and a more expansive tabletop has created an efficient and unprecedented new dynamic for quality labs throughout the microelectronics sector. Standard XY travel is 6.5 x 5” with an approximately 14×13” tabletop; extended XY travel with the Bowman stage is 10×10” with approximately 26X25” – a significant advancement for any high-production microelectronics environment.

Bowman’s extended table accuracy is ±3µm or better. The option is now available for 3 of Bowman’s 7 XRF coating thickness instruments:
“P” Series “O Series” “M” Series


Applied Scientific, Our Primary China Distributor, is Now Officially “Bowman China.”

August, 2018 – Under the capable leadership of Arthur He, Bowman China debuted in a big way at CPCA and exhibited advanced Bowman XRF technology at trade shows in Changzhou, Qingdao, and Chongqing as well. Hanergy, a major solar panel manufacturer with factories throughout China, is one of several major Bowman China customers; they recently contracted for 4 L Series units for advanced manufacturing lines. XRF users in China will benefit from the years of experience brought by Bowman China’s new applications engineer, Mr. Kai Zheng. He had years of experience with Oxford and Thermo Scientific Instruments before moving up to Bowman.

Congrats to Delta Sales

July, 2018 – Delta Sales Associates Inc. announces the recent sale of the Bowman Model “P” XRF plating thickness measurement system to TTM, North Jackson, OH. TTM will use the Bowman system to precisely measure ENIG, ENEPIG, tin lead and other deposits.

The Bowman Model “P” XRF was engineered specifically for PCB and connector applications; it has an extended table, and is guaranteed IPC 4552 Rev A capable.

Bowman Distributor Moves to New Headquarters

July, 2018 – X-RAY NOW, Bowman’s exclusive distributor and support provider for California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest and Mexico, has a new headquarters in Santa Ana, CA. X-RAY NOW has provided XRF coating thickness measurement systems for the PCB and semiconductor industries since 2001. It sells new and used XRF equipment, and provides service, repair and calibrations, and standards, too.

X-RAY NOW offers customer demos for Bowman equipment, either in their facility, or at the customer’s location. You can reach Zach, Phil and their highly experienced XRF team at 714-396-2519.

Bowman Featured at JPCA

June, 2018 – JPCA (Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits), was held in Tokyo June 6th through June 9th. Koichiro Hotta and his team at Flex Service Co., Ltd. demonstrated the Bowman P Series at this annual event, which last year drew 43,000+ attendees.

New XRF Instrument Measures the Smallest Features in Semiconductor / Microelectronics Manufacturing

June, 2018 – Bowman, a US manufacturer and global service provider for quality labs using XRF measurement technology, has introduced a new instrument for the smallest features in semiconductors and microelectronics.

Bowman’s W Series uses poly-capillary optics to focus the X-ray beam to 7.5 µm FWHM, the world’s smallest beam size for coating thickness analysis using XRF technology. A 150X magnification camera is used to measure features on that scale; it is accompanied by a secondary, low-magnification camera for live-viewing samples and birds-eye macro-view imaging. Bowman’s dual-camera system lets operators see the entire part, click the image to zoom with the high-mag camera, and pinpoint the feature to be programmed and measured.

A programmable X-Y stage with precision less than +/- 1 µm for each axis is used to select and measure multiple points; Bowman pattern recognition software and auto-focus features also do this automatically. The system’s 3D mapping capability can be used to view the topography of a coating on a part such as a silicon wafer.

The W Series is the 7th model in Bowman’s XRF instrument suite.

More on W Series XRF coating thickness analysis

Bowman China Shines at Conferences
Throughout May - and Throughout China

May, 2018 – Bowman China exhibited Bowman XRF technology at major trade shows in Changzhou, Qingdao, and Chongqing.

The Changzhou event attracted 20,000 visitors from eastern China. The event in Qingdao, formally sponsored by Bowman, was the 5th Bohai Surfacing & Plating Forum, coordinated by the regional plating association. Chongqing Surface Finishing EXPO, in western China, attracted 12,000+ surface finishing professionals.

Congratulations to Arthur He and his team for 3 superb exhibits – and their captivating demonstrations of the P Series – the “small-feature XRF” that is also industry’s most flexible XRF in terms of sample sizes, shapes, and throughput.

Bowman Appoints UK Distributor

May, 2018 – Bowman has appointed SciMed, a distributor of scientific instruments, as exclusive distributor for Bowman XRF plating thickness measurement systems in the UK.

SciMed will represent Bowman XRF systems throughout the UK, and provide service and technical support. Bowman XRF equipment is tailored to the user’s specific needs, and includes a broad range, from entry-level instruments to elite, “best in class” systems for the most demanding microelectronics applications.

SciMed was established in 1979 in Stockport, Cheshire, and has become one of the UK’s most prominent distributors of laboratory and process equipment. It works with every sector of UK industry, but primarily advises scientists and technicians involved in microelectronics, metal plating, electrochemistry and elemental analysis.

SciMed owner Paul Vanden Branden introduced Bowman XRF technology at Surfex, the premier conference and trade event for the UK finishing industry, in Conventry, May 22-23.

Bowman Featured at CPCA

April, 2018 – Congratulations on a great and productive show to Bowman’s China Master Distributor, Arthur He, (Applied Scientific Instruments) for exceptional work (and a terrific exhibit!) at the China International PCB and Assembly Show.

The annual event was held March 20-22 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, and showcased PCB equipment, raw materials and chemicals, electronic assembly equipment, and much more.