In-Line XRF Introduced

January, 2021 – Bowman has developed a fully automated in-line XRF system for plating measurements on 8 and 12” wafers. Based on Bowman M Series Micro XRF technology, the system uses poly-capillary optics to focus the X-ray beam to 7.5 µm FWHM, the smallest beam size for XRF plating thickness analysis.

ISO Assessment Affirms Bowman Quality Management

September, 2020 – Bowman has successfully completed a full ISO assessment. The results: no “NC” (Non-conformity) and no “OFI” (opportunity for improvement).

It doesn’t get any better than this! Congratulations to the Bowman ISO Team: Ron Wochinski, Jeff Korpus, Vicky Huang, Brian Judge and Caryl Zulawinski.

Bowman Expands Quality Assurance Team

September, 2020 – Bowman CTO Jun Choi announces the appointment of Frank Giuliani as Quality Assurance Engineer. Giuliani is an electrical engineer with core strengths in analytical instrumentation manufacturing, test and product engineering, and electromechanical systems design. He was previously a support engineer for Bruker, and for Oxford Instruments, where he enthusiastically provided technical support, troubleshooting, installations and training to customers and distributors internationally.

In his new post, Giuliani is responsible for developing and executing test plans to ensure the consistent high quality for which Bowman’s benchtop XRF instrumentation suite is known. Giuliani distinguished himself for this new role with research involving optical microscopy, photoluminescence spectroscopy, and atomic force microscopy, as well as photodetector design simulation.

Giuliani holds a BSE in electrical engineering, with specialties in analog and digital circuits, CMOS & MEMS, and digital signal processing. He will work closely with the development and sales teams, ensuring that Bowman continues to deliver as-designed, fully tested products to customers throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Bowman Exhibiting at International
Electronics Circuit Exhibition

August, 2020 – Bowman China Applied Scientific Instruments exhibits August 25-28 at the 29th International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (“CPCA”) at Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center. Bowman China will demonstrate the P Series XRF, a benchtop instrument distinctive in its ability to measure the widest range of sample sizes, shapes, and quantities. Collimators and focal distances can be customized to the applications, and a programmable X-Y stage offers significant convenience and ergonomic advantages compared with a fixed stage.

Brian Judge Appointed Applications Engineer

August, 2020 – Bowman CTO Jun Choi announces the appointment of Brian Judge as Applications/Support Engineer. In his new post, Judge is responsible for new standards certifications, recertification of existing standards, and both remote and on-site system support.

Regarding the latter, Judge is distinctly qualified: during his previous 3-year tenure as a Bowman Production Engineer, he built the line used to manufacture benchtop XRFs, and performed QC checks on equipment. As a result, his knowledge of the inner workings of XRF measurement instruments, as well as the advanced XRalizer software that runs all Bowman systems, is broad and deep.

Judge received an ME from Southern Illinois University.

Reference Standards are Important
Product Expansion for Bowman Mexico

July, 2020 – Bowman Mexico, and RAISA, its distributor, have announced they will supply a comprehensive line of Reference Standards for all benchtop and hand-held XRF plating measurement systems. Reference standards are a critical quality control tool for any manufacturer of products that are plated, and for contract plating shops that serve both manufacturers, and the printed circuit board / semiconductor industry.

Bowman Mexico will stock, for rapid availability, standards for ENIG and ENEPIG, as well as thin precious metals, percent phosphorus, electroless nickel, chrome, zinc-nickel, and other common alloys. The company will also provide custom standards.

“IBERICA” is 7th EU Branch for Bowman

June, 2020 – Bowman Iberica has greatly expanded Bowman’s reach and service capability in western Europe. From its headquarters in the Barcelona suburb of Mataro, it will serve new and existing XRF benchtop users throughout Spain and Portugal.

According to owner Domenec Mayoral, the region is ripe with potential for Bowman’s G series benchtop XRF, with its precision video imaging, and ‘bottom-up’ measurement using laser-based auto-focus. Mayoral has more than a quarter century of experience with German-made XRFs, and with Elcometer, a manufacturer of inspection equipment, and DataPhysics, a manufacturer of surface measurement instruments.

Bowman Appoints Standards Manager

June, 2020 – Bowman Chief Technology Officer Jun Choi has announced the appointment of Jeffrey Korpus as Manager of the company’s Standards Business Unit.

Korpus was formerly a Project Manager and Support Engineer for Bowman with responsibility for new standards design and team management. He also managed Bowman’s Quality System for ISO17025 and worked with Bowman engineers and programmers on new hardware and software features. Prior to his career with Bowman, Korpus was Recertification Manager at Calmetrics.

“This is a pivotal time for our industry,” says Korpus. “New hybrid finishes, and intensifying quality demands such as IPC’s 4552A/B and RoHS, present unique opportunities for an XRF equipment company with a solid standards capability – and the ability to deliver quickly.

“One of my first priorities has been to establish a Short Order Stock for common standards that we can ship immediately,” he continues. “I believe that, in a relatively short time, we’ll be able to build on Bowman’s leadership in XRF systems to make the company equally well-recognized for standards.”

Bowman Italia Featured in Trattamenti E Finitu

June, 2020 – Bowman Italia and its general manager, Pasquale Francella, were featured in the June issue of Italy’s magazine for the finishing industry, Trattamenti E Finitu (“Treatments and Finishes.”) Among the most important advantages of Bowman XRFs, says Francella, “is simultaneous measurement of up to four coating layers, each of which can be an alloy, along with measurement of high entropy coatings.”

Quality loves quality!

The April, 2020 issue of Quality Magazine features a timely article by Zach Dismukes, Manager of West Coast Sales. Its focus is XRF detector technologies, specifically as they apply to the precise measurement of electroless nickel, industry’s most common plated finish.