K Series Satisfies Need for Flexibility and Precision

October, 2023 – Quality departments and contract shops that test many different plated parts need an XRF analyzer with an expansive measurement area, selectable spot sizes, and high levels of both precision – and speed.

Bowman’s K Series XRF meets all of these requirements. It has a 12″x 12″ measurable area for parts up to 9″ tall. Selectable spot sizes accommodate a wide range of features; focal distances are from .25″ to 3.5″.

A cantilever door design gives operators easy access; a servo motor-driven programmable stage streamlines sample positioning. Table-view functionality images the entire measurable area and allows the operator to navigate to any location with a single click.

The standard K Series configuration includes a 4-position multi-collimator. Variable focus simplifies measurements in recessed areas. Programs can use pattern matching and automatic focus for the most precise measurements. As with all Bowman XRF systems, the K Series features a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and long-life micro focus X-ray tube.

Bowman’s K Series is a robust system built and backed by the technology leader in XRF analysis. It is the 9th XRF in the Bowman benchtop portfolio.

Bowman's New K Series

Landon Robertson is Technical Sales Engineer
for Newly Designated Sales Hub

October, 2023 – Landon Robertson has been appointed Technical Sales Engineer for the Eastern Region for Bowman XRF. The region, which spans 14 states, is regarded as one of the company’s highest-potential growth areas, with customers in every major city, and throughout Bowman’s dominant markets: general metal finishing and printed circuit board manufacturing.

Robertson was most recently a Director of Business Development, with total sales cycle responsibility. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA, diverse degrees that provide valuable skill sets for working with advanced XRF measurement technology. Robertson has established an office in Nashville, the region’s dominant metro area. Advanced manufacturing in the Nashville region has an annual economic impact of $69.7 billion.

Bowman's Landon Robertson

Bowman Increases Scientific Staff

June, 2023 – Maggie Dechan has joined Bowman as a Standards Technician and Applications Engineer. She formerly worked as a lab technician, using gas chromatography and microbalance instruments. This serves as an excellent foundation for the Bowman position, where her responsibilities include standards recertifications and application development. She received a BS from the University of Illinois and is fluent in French, a valued capability in light of the increasing project roster managed by Bowman France.

Harrison Carcione has joined Bowman as a Software Engineer. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois with a special focus in Computational Linguistics. His primary responsibility is the development of new features for Bowman’s Archer, a highly intuitive, visually ergonomic XRF software that debuted in April, 2023. Carcione’s immediate priority is the enhancement of Archer’s 3D surface mapping capability, which will give users greater pattern flexibility, among other advantages.

Bowman's Harrison Carcione and Maggie Dechan

Dr. He to Address DXC-2023 Attendees

May, 2023 – Denver X-ray Conference (“DXC-2023”) will welcome Bowman Senior Principal XRF Scientist, Dr. Timothy He, PhD as a featured speaker. Dr. He’s talk is titled Simultaneous XRF Measurement of the Density and Thickness of Thin Films; it is a highlight of the conference’s Industrial Applications XRF focus.

The week-long event will be held at the Westin Chicago Lombard, August 7-11. DXC-2023 is the world’s largest X-ray conference. Registration information is on the DXC website.

Bowman Senior Principal XRF Scientist, Dr. Timothy He, PhD

Software Advancement Benefits Plating Quality Management

April, 2023 – Bowman has announced a landmark software release that immediately improves the speed, accuracy and ease of use for companies who require precise control and documentation of plated deposit thicknesses.

Archer is a successor to Bowman’s Xralizer, a software that pioneered several important features, including a multi-method auto-focus, a workflow optimizer, and the ability to focus on highly reflective surfaces where laser or image sharpness methods are unworkable.

Like its predecessor, Archer is universal across the full suite of 8 Bowman XRF benchtop XRF analyzers. An all-new Graphical User Interface makes the software easy to learn and use, highly intuitive, and visually ergonomic. A tasking feature allows users to program custom steps for execution while the software is running – a huge time-saver. Pattern matching for datum points, high-speed Z axis adjustability and real-time measurement updating are other key features, along with the ability to view the calibration curve and recalibrate – both in analysis mode.

Archer generates customizable Excel reports with no MS Office required, and unlike competitive platforms, there is no need to install a software plug-in to export data to customer ERP systems.

Archer was designed to support robotic sample handling. Files from Xralizer can be imported for a seamless upgrade.

Bowman's Archer is a successor to their Xralizer software