Software Advancement Benefits Plating Quality Management

April, 2023 – Bowman has announced a landmark software release that immediately improves the speed, accuracy and ease of use for companies who require precise control and documentation of plated deposit thicknesses.

Archer is a successor to Bowman’s Xralizer, a software that pioneered several important features, including a multi-method auto-focus, a workflow optimizer, and the ability to focus on highly reflective surfaces where laser or image sharpness methods are unworkable.

Like its predecessor, Archer is universal across the full suite of 8 Bowman XRF benchtop XRF analyzers. An all-new Graphical User Interface makes the software easy to learn and use, highly intuitive, and visually ergonomic. A tasking feature allows users to program custom steps for execution while the software is running – a huge time-saver. Pattern matching for datum points, high-speed Z axis adjustability and real-time measurement updating are other key features, along with the ability to view the calibration curve and recalibrate – both in analysis mode.

Archer generates customizable Excel reports with no MS Office required, and unlike competitive platforms, there is no need to install a software plug-in to export data to customer ERP systems.

Archer was designed to support robotic sample handling. Files from Xralizer can be imported for a seamless upgrade.

Bowman's Archer is a successor to their Xralizer software

Mazzei Appointed Manager for EU, UK

March, 2023 – Federico Mazzei, co-founder, with Pasquale Francella, of Bowman Europe, is now also Regional Product Manager for Europe and the UK. Working with Jeff Korpus, Kelly Jiang and the Applications Teams, the goal is to enable Bowman’s new Archer software with unique capabilities for solution analysis. The widely-anticipated software release is scheduled for late March.

When the teams complete their work, customers will not only be able to use one instrument for precise coating thickness and solution analysis, but will benefit as well from multiple element correction in each solution analysis – a capability unique in the industry. Most notably, the software will yield highly precise results regardless of the variable density that occurs during the bath’s service life. The feature is expected to provide a significant competitive advantage for P Series XRFs – the best-selling systems in Europe – as well as B and G Series instruments.

Federico Mazzei of Bowman Europe, is now Regional Product Manager for Europe and the UK

Bowman Commemorates Landmark Anniversaries

March, 2023 – Bowman CEO and partner Tom Leone (far left) and CTO and Partner Jun Choi (far right) congratulate three headquarters associates on their landmark anniversaries: Senior Support Engineer Raoul Motiu – 9 years; Manufacturing Engineer Hugo Garcia – 7 years, and Production Manager Xavier Rodriguez -14 years.

Bowman XRF Landmark Anniversaries

Bowman… has always been “green!”

January, 2023 – During APEX, Kelly Scanlon, IPC’s Lead Sustainability Strategist, recognized Bowman’s “green practices,” which include AI/AR tools that allowed attendees to compare precision benchtop XRF systems without the environmental cost of shipping tons of equipment across the country. Ryan Ahern, Jeff Korpus, Rob Coleman and Tom Leone fielded questions and demo’d the technology at the Bowman booth, January 24-26 in San Diego.

Ryan Ahern, Jeff Korpus, Rob Coleman and Tom Leone fielded questions and demo’d the technology at the Bowman XRF booth

Jeff Korpus is New Global Product Manager

November, 2022 – Bowman has announced Jeff Korpus as its new Global Product Manager.

The position has a broad portfolio, which includes research, development and marketing for the 8 XRF systems in the Bowman suite, as well as XRF reference standards. Korpus is uniquely qualified for the post, according to CTO Jun Choi, having been, most recently, Manager of Bowman’s Standards Business Unit.

Prior to that, Korpus was a Project Manager and Support Engineer, teaming with engineers and programmers to develop new hardware and software functionalities. Korpus also authored Bowman’s Quality System for ISO17025

Jeff Korpus - Bowman XRF