About Us

Bowman was founded by the technical team that established CMI International and successfully grew the company to become a respected leader in the XRF plating measurement industry. The Bowman team offers customers the advantage of more than five decades of combined experience in the coating thickness measurement and elemental analysis industry.

We recently commemorated our 10th Anniversary as Bowman is committed to providing analytical innovations for OEMs and contract platers worldwide. Read our CEO’s Message here.

Bowman Senior Management

Tom Leone, President

Jun Choi, CTO

Robert Magyar, Engineering Manager

Rob Coleman, Sales Manager

Jeff Korpus, Standards Manager

Our K ALPHA Connection

In May of 2016, K ALPHA acquired Bowman, its long-time partner for X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Instrumentation for coating thickness measurement, elemental analysis, and solution analysis. Business operations between the two companies were merged, and there is today one unified management bench leading this dynamic entity under the Bowman corporate name.

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