XRF for Semiconductors / Wafers

Bowman is the Premier Manufacturer of World Class, American-Made XRF Instruments for Semiconductor Applications

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Intuitive, Feature-rich Software

The software interface is what allows operators to get the most from an XRF system. Operators have multiple tasks to perform, and struggling with a complicated test protocol shouldn't slow them down. Bowman developed software with the operator in mind – and it makes all the difference!

  • Industry's most intuitive user interface. Designed to minimize errors, it is icon-driven, with customizable shortcut keys, flexible data display and output, and a one-click report generator.
  • Full feature access without restrictions. The full software suite is provided standard with each system. It provides unlimited access for creating new applications or recipes; no added software required.
  • Coating thickness, alloy ID, and solutions analysis capabilities are built into ALL Bowman systems to maximize XRF's analytical capacities. Measure up to 5 coating layers, 30 elements in any layer, and even identify the alloy grade for metal sorting. Plating bath solution analysis is a fast way to measure concentration without dilution, digestion, or titration.
  • Data management for secure and organized reporting. All data is automatically saved with a time and date stamp. Data is stored locally and can be manually or automatically exported to a network folder, SECS/GEM, or SPC system. Customizable Excel-based report templates and searchable database allows data to be retrieved and presented easily.
  • Laser auto focus is the fastest on the market. Z axis achieves focus position in less than a second, preventing sample misplacement between operators. This feature can be applied to multi-point programs to adjust for warpage on the fly.
  • Pattern recognition capability ensures perfect beam centering on very small features. Feature images are stored and matched with stage position adjustments, allowing truly automated programming with precise measurement locations.

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