Bowman Grows Production Capacity with Key New Hires

April, 2021 – Production Manager Xavier Rodriguez announces the expansion of Bowman production capacity with the addition of Manufacturing Technicians Brie Goodman and Sean Mann.

Brie Goodman holds an Associate’s Degree, and an Integrated Engineering Technology (InET) degree. She formerly worked for Wi-tronix and Allen Avionics, the latter as an electronics technician, where she specialized in assembly and testing. In her post at Bowman, her primary focus will be collimators, filters, motors, and complex soldering projects.

Sean Mann has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and formerly worked as a mechanical technician for Rockwell Automation’s Research and Development for Motion department, where his most notable project was the I-Trak Intelligent Track, a linear motor system that allows for independent control of multiple movers, replacing rotary-driven chains, belts, and gears. In his new position, he will focus on production parts and the optimization of work instructions.