G and L XRFs Meet RoHS 3

July, 2021 – Bowman G and L Series XRFs have become industry’s best alternative for quickly and precisely identifying hazardous substances covered in the RoHS 3 Directive. Conventional XRF instruments are limited to the measurement of spot sizes Φ10mm or larger, making it difficult to measure most electrical parts which are smaller, and/or have an irregular shape.

New generation Bowman G and L Series XRFs were engineered to meet the evolving needs of the electrotechnical industry. The maximum measurement spot size of a Bowman XRF is Φ1.5mm. (The minimum spot size, used for high-end electrotechnical and semiconductor applications, is Φ 0.01mm.) Small X-ray spot capability, a factory-calibrated RoHS package and powerful, intuitive software provide companies throughout the electronics supply chain with a reliable and cost-effective quality tool.