Mazzei Appointed Manager for EU, UK

March, 2023 – Federico Mazzei, co-founder, with Pasquale Francella, of Bowman Europe, is now also Regional Product Manager for Europe and the UK. Working with Jeff Korpus, Kelly Jiang and the Applications Teams, the goal is to enable Bowman’s new Archer software with unique capabilities for solution analysis. The widely-anticipated software release is scheduled for late March.

When the teams complete their work, customers will not only be able to use one instrument for precise coating thickness and solution analysis, but will benefit as well from multiple element correction in each solution analysis – a capability unique in the industry. Most notably, the software will yield highly precise results regardless of the variable density that occurs during the bath’s service life. The feature is expected to provide a significant competitive advantage for P Series XRFs – the best-selling systems in Europe – as well as B and G Series instruments.

Federico Mazzei of Bowman Europe, is now Regional Product Manager for Europe and the UK