Bowman Strengthens Baltic Sales Team

November, 2018 – Bowman announces the expansion of its international distribution team with the appointment of ANITEPO, a distributor and service provider of laboratory instruments with a specialty in x-ray imaging technology.

Headquartered in Warsaw and serving all of Poland, ANITEPO works throughout the metal producing sector, from foundries, to steel plants to metal products manufacturers, and is well known for its installations and service reputation in the automotive sector. The company also serves manufacturers of electronics and printed circuit boards, a diversity that matches perfectly with Bowman’s own.

Explains Bowman President Tom Leone, “the Bowman P Series XRF, which accommodates the widest range of sample sizes, shapes and quantities, is ideally suited for quality labs serving automotive. The W Series, which measures the smallest features in electronics, will give companies in that sector an important accuracy advantage – and ANITEPO an important competitive one.”

ANITEPO is owned by its Director, Artur Roznowski, who had a lengthy tenure as an electronics technician before founding ANITEPO in 2011.

“The competitive situation here is ripe for Bowman technology,” suggests Roznowski. “Our company has long sold an excellent instrument for measuring single elements. But customers are now looking for highly accurate, proven systems that measure multiple element layers. That is the definition of the Bowman, which measures up to 5 layers, all of which can be alloys.”

The other factor where Roznowski believes they have an edge is service. “From day one,” says Roznowski, “we will be able to provide expert installations, and ongoing service and repair for Bowman, as well as other major-brand XRF coating measurement systems.”

ANITEPO Director Artur Roznowski at EuroLAB, an international trade show for analytical, measurement and control computers.