North America’s Only XRF Instrument Manufacturer
Debuts “Bowman Mexico”

December, 2019 – Bowman, North America’s manufacturer of XRF plating thickness measurement instruments, has established Bowman Mexico in San Miguel de Allende, a municipality of Guanajuato.

Bowman Mexico has a fully staffed sales organization for the Bowman suite of benchtop XRF measurement systems, and a service and repair facility for all major makes and models of XRFs. In addition, Bowman Mexico provides foil and plated standards and re-certifies reference standards for every XRF instrument.

Bowman XRF systems are distinctive in that they provide important 3-way functionality (thickness measurement, elemental analysis, and plating solution analysis) and are guaranteed IPC 4552 REV.A capable.

The Bowman Mexico team, and its Mexico distributor, Raisa, have several decades experience in metal finishing and finishing quality control.

San Miguel de Allende