Bowman Hosts International XRF Event

Bowman held its 2017 International Sales Meeting in Chicago October 30 and 31, 2017

November, 2017 – 30 XRF coating measurement distributors from 15 countries attended the meeting, which provided an opportunity for our industry partners in both the printed circuit and general metal finishing industries to share ideas, discuss new technology developments, review best practices and celebrate the year’s many high-profile successes.

The culmination of the fast-paced 2-day meeting was an awards dinner where 2017 sales achievements were recognized. Recipients of Outstanding Achievement “Million Dollar” Sales Awards were Zach Dismukes, Bowman NA Sales Manager; Applied Scientific Instruments Co., Shanghai, China; and Quantum Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India.

Zach Dismukes, Bowman NA Sales Manager; Arthur He, Applied Scientific Instruments Co., Shanghai, China; and DM Musale, Quantum Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India received “Million Dollar” Sales Awards at Bowman’s 2017 International Sales Meeting.

Receiving $250,000 Sales Awards were CMI Korea, Seoul Korea; and Bowman Italia S.r.l., Novi Ligure, Italy.

According to Bowman President Tom Leone, the meeting was “a great success, with valuable participation by distributor partners, and excellent technical sessions.”

Bowman also recognized two of its presenters with awards for their contributions. Richard DePoto, Manager of Business Development at Uyemura USA, (Southington, CT) presented two talks. The first was an exploration of the IPC 4552 Rev. A ENIG Specification. The second was titled “White Bronze” Tri Metal: Expanding Applications and New Developments in a Changing Landscape. Frank Ferrandino, President of Calmetrics, Inc., (Ronkonkoma, NY) delivered a talk on standards and certification.

Among the topics most discussed at the meeting was the recent release of IPC-4552A: Performance Specification for Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating for Printed Boards. Bowman is distinct in that its systems guarantee compliance with this critical industry standard.